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4 Tips for Planning a Wedding during COVID-19

  1. Be Flexible

The unpredictable nature of the pandemic means that we have to be open to different outcomes and ideas of what our dream wedding would look like. Whether it be the date of your wedding, the location or the length of your guest-list, keep an open-mind and be as flexible as possible. Stay hopeful and positive because the celebration of love is always beautiful no matter the COVID-19 circumstances at the time.

2. Read the fine-print

You know the terms and conditions we pretend to read and scroll quickly to the end clicking 'I agree' to. Well, during COVID-19 it might be a good idea to read these clauses for booking vendors and other services that you may need for your wedding. These clauses contain crucial information about the expectations of the customer and the service provider in the event of new restrictions being announced or a COVID lockdown.

3. Have a Plan-B and embrace it

It might be easy to fall into the trap of saying 'but it won't happen to me' in thinking of COVID changing your wedding plans. However, it is essential that you have a back-up plan if new restrictions are announced or your area goes into lockdown. Although it might not be your first plan, it will be just as special and beautiful as any wedding planned prior. Likewise, embracing this new plan will ensure you and your partner make the most out of your special day celebrating the love you share.

4. Welcome the idea of a smaller guest-list

If a bigger, grander wedding is what you imagined and planned, it does not mean that a smaller more intimate wedding will also be amazing. With COVID capping restrictions on certain states at the most unexpected times, flying in guests from different cities may be restricted too. It is important to only include your most cherished family and friends on your list to ensure the planning of your wedding to run as smoothly as possible. Embrace the opportunity to celebrate your marriage in a more personal, intimate environment surrounded by love.